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Deadlines, deadlines…


We’re in an extremely deadline-oriented business – with an occasional project having a bit of flexibility, but most not. So this past summer, when we knew it was time to repaint parts of our building, we decided to do things a little different. “No rush,” we said. “We’ve got all the time in the world. No pressure.” Uh-huh.

Our creative staff submitted some great initial ideas, and – designers designing for themselves being their own toughest critics – they continued to explore new ideas. When we finally said, “stop” and agreed to a concept, it was almost the end of October. We were then facing the most inflexible client ever: Mother Nature. Not wise to mess with her.

Iconix building

Long story short: the job was completed, and just in time. Special thanks to our design team, our facilities guru, our electricians, who made sure our facilities guru navigated safely around some pretty substantial power lines, and to the people at Sherwin-Williams, who sent customer support members to assist in planning, and to offer really helpful technical tips. They were great, and truly seemed to enjoy being part of a “not your typical building painting” type of project.

We’ve also used the design theme on a couple of other promotional pieces – examples of our “let your best assets continue to work, as long as they’re still appropriate” philosophy.

Hope 2017 is a great year for you.



  1. Ken Tompor 01/18/2017

    As a neighbor we thought it innovative and handsome….
    Great job ICONIX

    • Bob 01/18/2017 — Post Author

      From your view, probably beats old rusty cars on cinder blocks, Ken. Thanks. Much appreciated.

  2. AV 01/18/2017

    Bob, Sandy – That is awesome, coolest building on the block!

  3. Alan Miller 01/18/2017

    Good job. The best for 2017. Maybe we can connect on one of my stage/book projects this year.


  4. Norma 01/18/2017

    You can’t be missed. What a great idea. I love it.

  5. Delphine 01/18/2017

    I love the look, very inviting. Miss you all!!

  6. John Sanderson 01/19/2017

    What fun stuff! Thinking about the box outside!

    Looks great and a great idea, we need more of this everywhere….

  7. Linda Rau 01/20/2017

    The building looks great! Very innovative and attractive.

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