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Not Just Gears and Gravel


Although a good percentage of our work is related to cars, trucks, machines and manufacturing, we also get to do a lot of stuff that’s unrelated to any of these, and genuinely enjoy the periodic forays into the “other worlds.”

Harp’s Lingerie, located in Birmingham, Michigan, has been in business since 1947, and has established itself as one of the premier “old fashioned corset shops” in the Midwest. We accepted the challenge of designing and developing a new website – one that reflects the range and quality of the goods they sell, the degree of professionalism in the services they provide, and clearly communicates their mission: to make women of all shapes, sizes and ages look and feel beautiful.


The site is also packed with little-known information about the craft, which is far more intricate and complex than most would assume. There’s even a section titled “Men Only,” designed to educate, and help make purchasing the gift of lingerie “painless.”

In addition to site design and development, we also worked with the Harp’s team to create and develop content. The illustrations used throughout the site’s sections were created by project design lead Rachel Choi, and development work was the responsibility of Bill Young (who somehow logged an incredibly disproportionate amount of time on the project, as compared to others of similar scope).

Enough words…here’s the link: http://www.harps-lingerie.com


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