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With the explosion of the internet, social media and other new ways to communicate, it’s estimated that, on average…

We receive 5 TIMES AS MUCH information now than we did in 1986

A 500% increase in info, coupled with seemingly endless new ways to communicate, seems like a marketer’s dream. Yet finding ways to get people to actually ingest messaging is harder and more critical than ever.

Let’s take your website, for example. Did you know that, on average…

Internet visitors ONLY READ 28% of the words per visit

Uh-oh. What’s up with that? Maybe it’s something cerebral, like…

People’s brains process VISUAL INFORMATION about 60,000 TIMES FASTER than verbal or text-based info

Ahh. Then that helps explain why…

90% of information transmitted to your brain is VISUAL

But there’s hope for improvement, because…

VISUALS increase willingness to read by about 80%

So now that you’ve got your audience poised to actually absorb your messages, you’re all set, right? Maybe not…because the next big hurdle is getting them to RETAIN what you’ve communicated. Studies have shown that a couple of days after receiving information, people actually REMEMBER…

10% of what they HEAR
20% of what they READ
80% of what they SEE & DO

Obviously, strong visual communications – photo, video, illustration, infographics – should be a consideration in any messaging initiative (yes, even if you’re just trying to get more Facebook friends). Our next blog will highlight, and show examples of, just how interesting and effective these can be. (And since odds are that you only read about 4.7 words of that last sentence…here’s the important ones again: next…blog…show…examples…interest___.)



  1. Mike Harrison 04/19/2017

    Interesting stuff, and a nice tribute to Riley…

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